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We are already working in the creation of an international level documentary about the tour life of a Tango band on the road. It is a documentary that will show the band’s work from the inside, that will allow everybody to share the routes we have travelled, the festivals and milongas we have played at, the backstages,  and to get to know some crazy, incredible people that we have met on the way. We can leave a really valuable legacy for tango together! Lets make THE FIRST TANGO DOCUMENTARY ROAD MOVIE EVER!

This kind of project implies a lot of hours of work and resources, both financial and technical, that are not accessible for an independent group of artists like us. That is why we are starting this campaign to raise the necessary funds that will cover travel and production expenses for the filming crew during the coming tours. We really want to create a documentary that will show the current tango culture. We see it as a common project, where everyone can contribute to be a sponsor or producer.

Contributing to this project you are supporting tango, music and culture. After 10 years touring the world and bringing our music to more than 40 countries in 4 continents we know we can do a great documentary movie and leave a very interesting legacy for tango lovers all around the world.

Be part of it! lets do it together! We have already raised 2900u$s, THANKS A LOT!

By donating you will get our complete discography and will became producer of the movie.